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Money-Making Websites for Those of You With Spare Time

Just imagine sipping delicious tea and making money online from home. A PC or smartphone is all you need. If you read this message and believe, it will happen. Here are three money-making websites you should try.

1. SproutGigs

Sproutgigs is a website that allows assigners and assignees to collaborate and work together to make money. 

Besides, the tasks on this site are simple, fast, and easy to do, and they don’t cost anything.

The tasks of this site include:

  • Visit Website
  • Download apps, Ebooks, games
  • Rate the application
  • Following social media accounts

The tasks above seem to be the most common, but there are many more. but in general, the more difficult the task, the higher the reward.

So that you don’t need any skills to do this because it is a very simple task.

Can sproutgigs be trusted as a money-making website?

From my experience and that of other users, Sproutgigs looks good! This is because this site has so many benefits.

Almost 75% of people who use this site as a side job are happy with it. especially when an area is having a hard time financially, like when there is a pandemic.

Display of task lists from money-making websites
Display of task lists from SproutGigs

Registration stage on the sproutGigs website

  • Go to the SproutGigs website. 
  • After you click “Get Started,” fill out the form with your full name, email address, password, user name, and country.
  • Next, there are two options: “I’m a worker,” and “I’m an employer.” Choose one of them according to your needs.
  • Read and agree to the terms or rules on the SproutGigs site, then click “sign up.”
  • If you get an email confirmation, please verify it first.
  • It’s time to start using your SproutGigs account.

Good job, and make your million dollars right now !!

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2. YSense

Ysense is a famous money-making site due to the easiness with which it gives employment.

Just by filling out surveys, you can earn as much as 1 to 2 dollars or even more from each filling, and 20 to 30 dollars every day if you are consistent.

In fact, this survey is similar to other surveys you may have done at school or elsewhere. It’s only that the technique is online this time, and the filling is quick and straightforward.

So you only need a few minutes to complete it. Aside from Ysense, the author recommends a number of other survey sites, such as:

  • Surveyon
  • Toluene Influencer
  • Pollpay
  • YouGov
  • NusaResearch
  • Lifepoint ID
  • The Panel Station
  • Surveytime

Even though the returns have been proven, many user reviews complain about how hard it is to get survey tasks.

Still, there are also those who say they get a big advantage because they always get survey invitations.

So this survey site is not the same for everyone. Because some of the respondent requirements are based on profile features that require you to be completely honest the first time you register for this survey site.

Guide for YSense and other survey site enthusiasts

This survey site has partnered with several leading organizations, so some of them have left positive comments on their services.

Always honest and patient

First, if you lie on a survey, you won’t get another chance. On the other hand, if you fill out the form honestly, you will always be given a chance. So you are patient enough to wait for another survey invitation.

Try to register five or more survey sites

Like I did, trust me, because you won’t expect profit from just one survey. If you have completed just one of your three survey sites, you still have seven more opportunities.

Make a paypal account

Prepare your PayPal account since some of the sites we’ve mentioned allow withdrawals via a PayPal account. This also applies to other money-making websites.

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3. StarClicks

Star-Clicks is a well-known PTC (pay-to-click) website that helps customers make money online, so making money every day is much easier.

Advantages and disadvantages of star-clicks

First, Star-Clicks is superior to other PTC sites due to its fast processing and large profits.

There are no captchas to fill out while finishing advertising, which helps to speed up work on this site.

So this is very different from other PTC sites that require you to delete the captcha and wait for the ad to finish.

However, Starclick still suffers from the drawback that new users only get access to some ads, requiring a fee-based account upgrade.

We also suggest upgrading to a gold account if you wish to fast generate a substantial amount of advertising or revenue on this site.

Can the star-clicks website be trusted as a money-making site?

Star-Clicks was established in 2008 as a digital firm with headquarters on Botanic Avenue in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This PTC site has been ranked 19th among several other trusted sites worldwide, and as of 2021, Star Click had 61 reviews with a 3.28-star rating, indicating that most users are generally satisfied with its service.

Stage of registration on the star-clicks website

  • Visit the Star-Clicks site
  • Select sign up, and there will be two options. Namely, a publisher account (to make money online) and an advertiser account (to advertise your website). Choose one according to your needs.
  • Then complete the registration. If you get an email confirmation, please verify it first.
  • Then click REGISTER
  • Your Star-Clicks account can now be used.
  • Good job, and make your millions of dollars starting right now!


There are still numerous websites that may help you earn money online, however others are scams and even illegal since they affect our identity as users.

But from my experience, these three online money-making websites are reputable, reliable, and secure, therefore I recommend them to you.

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