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Money-Making Games For You, Free and Reliable

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You may think that playing games is only for fun and to release stress, but you can even make money by only playing games. Indeed, you should be selective in choosing the money making game.

In this post, we have compiled a selection of free and reliable money-making games for you. This can be a good activity if you need a side income in your spare time.

An explanation of money-making games that are popular today

Some people who are new to gaming may be confused: how can you make money just by playing games? It turns out that games that make money have a special system that was designed by the developer so that the process can run regularly.

There are a variety of tasks and objectives that players must achieve inside the game, and as a token of appreciation, the game’s creators provide coins, vouchers, or cash as rewards. However, not all money-making games can be trusted upon owing to the prevalence of fraud in the modern day.

Big mistake in choosing money-making games

Almost everyone wants money quickly, particularly if it can be acquired via enjoyable hobbies such as online gaming. Aside from being enjoyable, paid online games may also be used as a second job. But you should know that there are dangers to online games that make money that many people may not know about. Untrusted money-making games pose a number of risks, such as:

  • May cause phone damage
  • Theft of personal data
  • Personal account hacking
  • Theft of bank account contents, etc.

The existence of these dangers in money-making games requires us to always be on the lookout for them. So that you can avoid the dangers posed by money-making games, make sure to choose a trusted money-making game.

Recommended free and dependable money-making games for you

This post about generating money via entertaining internet games may leave you feeling a little bit different. Obviously, anybody can earn money online; even simply playing online games may be lucrative.

Most individuals want to be able to supplement their income by doing something they like, and one of the most enjoyable ways to do so is by playing games that pay. Here are 5 games that may help you make money if you’re fond in doing so:

1. Bubble Cash

Who hasn’t heard of bubble shooter games? It is even considered one of the most popular games on Android and iOS. The difference is that now you can earn money from playing this game. You only have to download a game known as Bubble Cash.

Display of cover from money making games
Display of cover from bubble cash

The idea of this game is the same as its classic game where players should shoot bubbles to solve a puzzle. In this game, you should compete against other people to win the prizes. Only the top three players will win the real money. 

Best of all, this game is free to download and play. Since profits may be withdrawn through PayPal, it’s safe to say that this is a trusted money-making game for its players.

Bubble cash is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, the developer doesn’t design the cash prizes for South Africa, Argentina, and Seychelles. 

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2. Boodle

Boodle is a recommended app if you want to play games while earning money. This app pays those who try new games as little as $2. Apart from earning cash, players can also earn Amazon gift cards or Visa gift cards. Interestingly, you can try various games in this application. 

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks game is another trusted money making game you can play in your free time. Players can earn $1 to $45 per game. The earnings depend on the levels you can accomplish. The more levels you can finish in this game, the more cash you get. 

a list view of some of the money-making games in Swagbucks
a list view of some of the money-making games in Swagbucks

You only have to accomplish the tasks before the completion deadline. Most games ask you to complete the tasks within 14 days. The game genres you can play in this app are adventure, bingo, casino, card games, and puzzles. 

Swagbucks also offers other activities with points as the rewards, such as online surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and many more. As long as you are 13 years old and complete all the requirements, you can join this service.

4. FanDuel Fantasy Sports

Do you love to play sports games? It sounds fantastic to play your favorite game and earn money, isn’t it? If so, FanDuel Fantasy Sports is the answer. This game offers a variety of daily and weekly sports games, including basketball, baseball, golf, football, and soccer. 

Don’t worry! If it is your first-time playing the games in this app. The developer designs this gaming platform for beginners and pros players. The drawback is that the FanDuel Fantasy Sports platform is not free. 

Display of cover from fanduel fantasy Sports

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You should pay anytime you want to join a tournament. The price varies based on the tournament levels. The bigger the tournaments, the more expensive the admission cost. Unfortunately, the paid contents are not for players who live in Delaware, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, and Washington State. Android and iOS players can download this app and join their favorite sports contests.  

5. Mobile Premier League

Apart from having a variety of online games that number in the dozens, Mobile Premier League (MPL) is also one of the most popular money-making games that claim to provide free money.

Lots of gamers recommend MPL because it is claimed to be proven to provide online income for its users. With certain events that always give prizes, MPL is increasingly popular worldwide.

But unfortunately, in 2022, according to the policies of some countries, this money-making game will be removed from the Playstore. If you still want to access it, you can download it via google chrome and access it using VPN.


So, don’t underestimate people who often play games in their spare time because they can play games to make money and get additional income from it.

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