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Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World?

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Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World? – Ten years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) might still be a sort of joke in communities. Now, if you realize, the term AI has become a trend and cool keyword in businesses and industries. While among young people, AI is associated with science fiction movies, such as the Matrix and Ex Machina. So, what is AI, actually?

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence that humans add to a technological system, organized and developed in a scientific context, formed from the intelligence of existing scientific entities. In this article, we will discuss further about AI, including if it will or will not take over the world as many people fear.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI is not always about human-like robots. You need to know that there are types of technologies categorized as AI. Basically, there are three types of AI, and here they are.

1. Symbol-Manipulating AI

This AI works with abstract symbols. Symbol-manipulating AI is the AI type with most experiments. The essence of the experiment is that humans are reconstructed at a hierarchical and logical level. The information is processed from above. Then it works with humans or developers’ readable symbols. The connections are abstract, and the conclusions are logical.

2. Neural AI

Neural AI was extremely popular among computer scientists in the late 80s. With neural AI, knowledge is represented by artificial neurons and their connections rather than symbols, which is something like a reconstructed brain. The accumulated knowledge is then broken down into small parts (neurons) and then connected and built into groups.

This approach is known as a bottom-up method that works from the bottom, unlike the symbol-manipulating AI that works from above. So, the nervous system must be trained and stimulated so that the neural network can collect experience and grow to collect greater knowledge.

3. Neural Networks

Neural networks are organized into layers that are connected to each other via simulation. The topmost layer is the input layer which functions like a sensor. The sensor itself is the recipient of information that will process and pass it on to the system. There are at least two systems, or more than 20 layers in a large system, layers that are hierarchically arranged.

Those layers send and classify information through a connection. At the very bottom is the output layer, which generally has the least number of artificial neurons.

Shortly, AI works based on the foundation of machine learning. Machine learning itself is a system that builds intelligence from experience. This process allows the system to have the ability to detect patterns and rules quickly and accurately.

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Will AI Take Over the World?

Back in July 2017, the technology industry was on fire due to the news that Facebook had stopped its experiments after a staff member found out that 2 of their AI programs were communicating with each other in a language of their own creation that humans could not understand. Only those two programs understood the messages they sent to each other.

The horror that the development of AI may be on par with human intelligence, or even beyond human intelligence, as well as the negative implications of AI for humanity in the future, are not only voiced by ordinary people. A world-recognized scientist, Stephen Hawking, also has the same thought. The professor stated that he is afraid that AI will replace humans. AI is like computer viruses that can develop and replicate themselves.

There is a possibility that AI developers can be out of control and make a mess. It is predicted that Artificial Intelligence will replace 38% of jobs in the US by 2030, as well as 30% in England and 21% in Japan.

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